Top 10 Overlooked Value Additions of a Mortgage Banker
September 7, 2017

Barry Slatt Mortgage Company provides a “full service” approach to mortgage banking. We have a 45-year track record of integrity, excellence and service — built on the foundation of borrower trust and long-term lender relationships.


What are the advantages of using a “full service” mortgage banking company?


  1. Mortgage Bankers have proprietary correspondent relationships with lenders that cannot be accessed directly by borrowers or loan brokers.


  1. Mortgage Bankers are singularly focused on the finance side of the business and have the depth of experience to properly structure loans.


  1. Mortgage Bankers are focused on the life of loan service and have experienced staff that is well equipped to handle issues that may come up during loan placement, closing, or post-closing.


  1. Mortgage Bankers are relationship oriented with both borrowers and lenders focusing on matching need with the appropriate capital.


  1. A “full service” mortgage banking company provides its customers with access to its entire team including mortgage bankers, analyst teams, closers, marketing team, and servicing specialists.


  1. Mortgage bankers can create a complete and professional loan package to present to lenders improving the speed and quoted terms for a loan.


  1. A full service Mortgage Banker has the ability to overcome and manage through obstacles due to their strong relationship with 3rd party vendors (appraisers, environmental companies, insurance providers, etc.)


  1. A good Mortgage Banker understands that the best loans aren’t always about interest rate and fee.


  1. “Full service” Mortgage Bankers can access both the open market as well as the market with their correspondent lenders.


  1. Mortgage Bankers can provide certainty of execution by accessing their diverse and trusted network of lender relationships.