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Since the presidential election two weeks ago, the financial markets have stabilized and are steadily moving in a positive direction. The stock market has been on the rise over the past two weeks as Pfizer, Moderna, and BioNTech have all recently made announcements that their COVID-19 vaccines are over 90% effective and will likely receive emergency approval over the next few weeks. The market has also reacted favorably to the notion of a Democratic President being kept in check with…


Slatt Capital would like to transparently provide a summary of Average Interest Rates and Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios across the different property and lender types. This information is based on financing quotes received in the last 60 days, across all Slatt Capital offices:


Lots of digital ink is spilled nowadays on what the Federal Reserve may do with interest rates. Historically, the Fed Funds target at 0% is of course an all-time low, and the corresponding “risk-free” 10-year US Treasury Constant Maturity bottomed out near 0.50% in early August. This has directly translated into some of the lowest costs of borrowing in the history of modern commercial borrowing, with some multifamily and industrial 10-year fixed rates in the mid to upper 2s and…