Connect with california mba: cody charfauros | episode 116

Connect with California MBA: Cody Charfauros | Episode 116

September 1, 2022

Slatt Capital‘s own Cody Charfauros, Principal/Managing Director, joins this week’s episode of Connect with the California MBA.

2:36 – The real estate finance industry is always looking to increase diversity.  How is Slatt Capital attracting young or diverse mortgage professionals to this industry?

4:42 – 2022 is a tough market for all real estate finance.  What asset classes do you see fairing better than others?

7:12– How will Slatt differentiate itself from competitors?

8:18 – The use of technology in the CRE space seems to be really taking off.  What are your thoughts on how the industry is adapting to more technology?

11:18 – You will be on stage at our Western States CREF Conference next week interviewing Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari.  Can you give us a sneak peek of what you might be discussing?

13:37 – You are a member of the Board of Directors for the California MBA, can you talk about why it’s important for the CRE industry to support the California MBA? Thank you to our sponsor, Insellerate.