Cre financ: full service, independent mortgage banking

CRE Financing Simplified: Full Service, Independent Mortgage Banking

July 21, 2022

Closing a commercial real estate loan is an extensive process. It requires excellent market knowledge, skillful underwriting, a comprehensive understanding of legal entities, leases, legal documents, escrow, title, insurance, and much more. It is important to hire a team that has in-depth experience in all aspects of the process.

The often used approach of “spamming” out fancy finance offerings to place debt isn’t an effective approach. In today’s world, you should team with a platform of professionals who can work with their collective lender relationships to get deals done. Year-to-date, Slatt Capital has delivered for their borrowers:

  • Loans Closed: 216 totaling over $1.16B
  • New Loans Under Application: 35 totaling $180M
  • Total Loans in the Closing Process: 28 totaling $153M

What is a full-service, independent mortgage banking company?

Independent mortgage banking companies are generally regional, privately held mortgage companies that offer high-touchpoint service and compete in the market with publicly traded, national full-service mortgage companies and mortgage brokers alike.

Slatt Capital is a full-service, independent mortgage banking company with seven offices throughout California and a $5.2 billion servicing portfolio. We have a 52-year track record of integrity, excellence, and service – built on the foundation of borrower trust and long-term lender relationships.

Today, perhaps more than ever, the advantages of working with a “full-service, independent” mortgage banking company and leveraging the power of its platform could not be clearer:

  1. Proprietary relationships with lenders that cannot be accessed directly by borrowers or loan brokers.
  2. Access to an entire team including mortgage bankers, analysts, closers, marketers, and servicing specialists.
  3. A relationship-oriented approach enabling overcoming of obstacles via strong links with 3rd-party lenders.
  4. Certainty of execution through accessing a diverse and trusted network of lender relationships.