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Interest Rate Update

November 14, 2019

This week has been another interesting week in the Treasury bond market. The 10-year benchmark Treasury hit 1.95% earlier this week due to rumors of a conclusion in the China trade deal. Also, bond traders have been cautiously watching the Fed’s movements. According to a 11/12/2019 article in Bloomberg written by Katherine Greifeld, “After policymakers cut rates last month at the third straight meeting, investors are looking for confirmation that Powell sees the economy on solid enough ground to pause in December.”

The 10-year Treasury closed at 1.82% today, has a 2019 high of 2.79% (1/18/2019), and a low of 1.47% (9/3/2019). For the time being, rates remain at historic lows and don’t appear to have the impetus to move significantly higher in the short run.