May 2022 interest rate udpate

May 2022 Interest Rate Update

May 12, 2022

The Federal Reserve announced yesterday that the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) moved from 8.5% to 8.3% with core CPI (CPI without the volatile food and energy components) rising to 6.2%. After digesting this information, the benchmark 10-year treasury moved from its annual high on Friday of 3.20% to the yield at today’s close of 2.86%.

Rates are still low from a historical standpoint. This becomes transparent when reviewing the charts below. The current market for fixed-rate loans looks like the following:

  • 3-year fixed from 3.50-5.00%
  • 5-year fixed from 4.25-5.50%
  • 10-year fixed from 4.25-5.50%
  • 15-year fixed from 4.25-5.50%
  • 20-year fixed from 4.50-5.50%

May 2022 interest rate udpate

May 2022 interest rate udpate


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