Middle-Market Commercial Lending

July 25, 2019

Although there is no formal standard industry definition for what constitutes a “middle-market commercial loan”, many consider loans in the $1,000,000-$50,000,000 range to be included in the middle market space.

Many lenders, brokers and mortgage bankers do not like the middle-market commercial lending space as it can be viewed as inefficient in terms of time and potential return. Others, like Barry Slatt Mortgage, are equipped with correspondent lenders and expert staffing to compete in this space. Barry Slatt Mortgage has established efficient processing systems and a support staff capable of successfully competing in the middle-market space.

To be an effective middle-market commercial lending intermediary it comes down to a couple of simple variables, organization and support. To be successful in the middle-market space you do not have time to waste. You need to be quick to underwrite, quote and process. If any part of the process breaks down, you lose profitability. Your staff must be able to manage the closing and post-closing/servicing process efficiently.

At Barry Slatt Mortgage, we are equipped to place loans of all sizes. We currently represent correspondent lenders that can make loans from $1-$100 million.

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