Slatt capital is your full-service, independent mortgage banking company

Slatt Capital is your Full-service, Independent Mortgage Banking Company

March 2, 2023

Full-service, Independent Mortgage Banking Company

What does this mean?

Full-service independent mortgage banking companies are privately held mortgage banking companies that offer high touch point service and compete in the market with publicly traded national full-service mortgage companies and mortgage brokers alike.

Closing a commercial real estate loan is an extensive process. It requires excellent market knowledge, skillful underwriting, and a comprehensive understanding of legal entities, leases, legal documents, escrow, title, insurance, and much more. It is important to team up with a platform of professionals who can work with their collective lender relationships to get deals done. Slatt Capital has a 52+ year track record of integrity, excellence, and service – built on the foundation of borrower trust and developing those long-term lender relationships.

The following are a sample of the advantages of working with a “full-service, independent” mortgage banking company.

  1. Proprietary correspondent relationships with lenders that cannot be accessed directly by borrowers or loan brokers in addition to all open market lenders.
  2. Access to an entire team including mortgage bankers, analysts, closers, marketers, and servicing specialists.
  3. Certainty of execution through accessing a diverse and trusted network of lender relationships.
  4. Singularly focused on the finance side of the business with the depth of experience to properly structure loans.
  5. Ability to manage through obstacles due to their strong relationships with 3rd party vendors (appraisers, environmental companies, insurance providers, etc.).
  6. An understanding that the best loans are not always about the interest rate and fee.
  7. Mortgage bankers work closely with their proprietary lending relationships to develop new and modify existing loan programs to meet the demand of the marketplace.
  8. Focused on matching need with the appropriate capital.
  9. Integration and alignment of the servicing and production teams, providing trustworthy life-of-loan service.

Life-of-Loan Servicing