The power of in-house servicing

The Power of In-House Servicing

April 18, 2024

In-house servicing allows our valued clients to remain under the Slatt Capital umbrella throughout the entire life of their loan. If a loan is financed by one of Slatt’s correspondent lenders, then after working with our origination and closing teams, the loan comes to our servicing team, where we help our borrowers navigate their loan documents and lender requirements from inception to payoff.  At Slatt, we embrace our relationship with our borrowers from the initial calls to place financing on a property to the final calls to discuss payoff plans and refinance opportunities, and we are committed to ensuring you have an excellent experience working with our team as we service your loan.

Being in-house means that our servicing team has direct access to the original production team members at all times.  If ever a question arises or clarity is needed on intent at loan closing, our servicing team can walk down the hall to have a conversation with the originating producer.  We believe in strong relationships, made even stronger by transparency and ongoing interaction, and our servicing team strives to ensure that our producers are kept in the loop about major events occurring on loans they placed.  Our producers are equally conscious of the importance of collaboration, and when they may be the first to learn about a significant event to take place on a loan, being in the same offices allows for immediate coordination and collective strategizing to ensure a thorough presentation is made to the lender for consent.

While it’s a team effort to service a loan, each borrower (and each of our correspondent lenders) has one primary point of contact in their designated Portfolio Manager (PM).  The PM is the go-to resource for day-to-day matters, questions or inquiries, and any loan events that may arise.  Our PMs have established—and often long-standing—relationships with each of our correspondent lenders, meaning that they are equipped to manage events in accordance with the lender requirements and can set expectations early on for all parties to help facilitate a smooth process and the desired outcome.

Each loan comes with its unique borrower structure, and people behind it, and each property operates in its distinctive capacity during its lifetime, which is why there is so much power in having Slatt navigate the journey with our borrowers from inception to payoff through in-house servicing.  Our team gets to know the property at the deal level before it becomes a loan, and then through in-house servicing, we are able to retain that knowledge base and watch as the loan matures over the coming years.  Through the collection of the annual property financial data and the yearly site inspection visits, in addition to the monitoring of payments, insurance and taxes, our servicing team can follow each loan’s story and work with our borrowers throughout to help ensure a positive ending and/or new beginning through a refinance.

As we service loans for our correspondent lenders, the borrower’s experience is enhanced by the consistency in the team at play on their behalf.  With an in-house servicing team, Slatt borrowers can rely on dedicated and experienced team members from production to closing to servicing, knowing that the Slatt team will be there throughout the life of the loan, partnering with our borrowers every step of the way.

Elizabeth Burnett
Managing Director – Loan Servicing