Top Takeaways from GlobeSt Apartments 2019

October 31, 2019

The Barry Slatt Mortgage team was an exhibitor at the GlobeSt Apartments 2019 conference earlier this week. The following were our top takeaways.

  1. The multi-family sector is and will continue to be the favorite product type or real estate investors heading into 2020.
  2. Successful real estate investors are focusing on staying power.
  3. As an excess of luxury housing developments has flooded the market in the recent past, developers and investors are moving to more affordable units where demand has increased due to the increasing cost of living in major markets.
  4. Alternative technology will continue to shake up the multi-family space in all aspects from transactions to facilities management. Look for crowdfunding and marketplace lending to increase in the near future.
  5. There is still an ample amount of capital in CRE investing. This will continue to keep the marketplace healthy.
  6. All major lending types are actively looking to place loans on quality multi-family product.
  7. High prices for single-family properties that are out of reach for the median homebuyer in their 20s and 30s have created a great opportunity to build multifamily properties offering a more affordable solution to these young families.
  8. While there are submarkets within major markets that have become oversaturated, most all markets as a whole still have a great supply and demand ratio.