Advisors: David Bruni
City: San Francisco Bay Area
State: California
Lender type: Insurance Company
Property type: Industrial
Transaction type: Refinance
Loan amount: $58,125,000

Slatt Capital Vice President David Bruni, along with analyst Dominic Sestito, recently funded a $58,125,000 permanent loan secured by a portfolio encompassing 5 multi-tenant industrial properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. The portfolio’s 5 properties combined exceed 357,000 square feet and reflect the diversity of industrial uses throughout the Bay Area.

The non-recourse 10-year fixed-rate loan was placed with an aggressive interest rate through one of Slatt Capital's exclusive correspondent insurance company lenders. Slatt Capital was chosen because of the depth of their correspondent lenders, their ability to generate a competitive market for the client’s transaction, and their proven track record of successfully closing complex transactions. The final terms were negotiated at application and the rate was locked upon receipt of the Good Faith Deposit. Slatt Capital will service this loan as part of their $4.4 billion servicing portfolio.