Advisors: Jeff Glenn
City: Rancho Cordova
State: California
Lender type: Bank
Property type: Office
Transaction type: Purchase
Loan amount: $6,000,000

Jeff Glenn, Managing Director with Barry Slatt Mortgage recently closed a $6,000,000 loan in Rancho Cordova, California.

Based on the feedback we initially received from lenders, conventional financing was challenging for the following reasons:
• The State of California disclosed that they planned on vacating the property once their lease expires in three-years.
• The sub-market vacancy is 13%.
• Finding a new tenant to replace a 110,500 square foot building, coupled with the cost of future tenant improvements, could prove to be cost prohibitive.

Mitigating factors that reduced the risk to the lender:
• The borrowers own several properties with zero debt. If necessary, they’ve agreed to dispose some of these properties in order to retire the new loan, prior to its maturity date.
• A tenant improvement reserve structure was put in place.
• The borrowers agreed to cross-collateralize another property.
• Charging stations and other related features specific to newer buildings, will be installed, in order to attract future tenant’s.

• After contacting 17 lenders, we were able to offer the borrower’s conventional financing, based on a 67% loan-to-purchase.
• Interest only was provided for the first two years of the loan term.
• A flexible pre-payment penalty, as well as the option to pay-down the loan by 20% per annum, was implemented.

Senior Vice President