City: Gilroy
State: California
Lender type: Insurance Company
Property type: Retail
Transaction type: Acquisition
Loan amount: $14,000,000

Barry Slatt Mortgage Company CEO, Daniel Friedeberg, along with Vice President, Sarah Bernhisel, Vice President, Andrew, Macleod, and analyst Jason Wang recently closed a $14 million permanent loan on a shopping center in Gilroy, California. The property was financed with an aggressive 10-year fixed-rate loan. The loan was placed with one of Barry Slatt Mortgage’s insurance company correspondent lenders and will be serviced as part of the company’s $4.3 billion servicing portfolio.
Mr. Friedeberg and his team were chosen for the assignment due to their long-term relationship with the borrower as well as their depth of knowledge in lending on retail properties. The client also placed value on the “life of loan service” that Barry Slatt Mortgage provides.

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